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We provide domestic and international postage optimization solutions across all USPS products to mailers nationwide. We don’t specialize in just one class of mail - we specialize in all classes of mail. 


Reduce Postage Costs

ODMS reduces postage costs across all USPS products, including domestic and international , First-Class and USPS Marketing Mail (Standard and Nonprofit), letters , flats , and parcels.  

We achieve this by participating in the United States Postal Service’s Work Share Program, a program that provides mailers and presort bureaus with significant discounts for preparing mail according to strict USPS specifications.

To participate in the program, we combine mail streams from multiple mailers and sort the pieces into ZIP Code sequence with the objective of obtaining a saturation to the same ZIP Code. This process qualifies us for a five-digit ZIP Code discount while speeding up in-home delivery by reducing the processing required once mail is submitted to USPS.

Because we process over 500 million pieces annually, we are able to negotiate the most aggressive rates, worldwide.

Simplify Transportation & Preparation


We simplify the mailing process from beginning to end by providing all transportation in-house.

When a client prepares a mailing for us, they simply submit the job through our innovative Workflow Management System, request a pickup time, and we pick up mail right from their facility.


In addition to picking up mail conveniently from client's facilities, we also transport all mail to its final USPS destination through the use of drop-shipping. By physically trucking mail across the country to the Network Distribution Center (NDC) or Sectional Center Facility (SCF) that is closest to the mail’s delivery point, we are able to expedite transit and further reduce in-home delivery time. 


Our trucks are on the road 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Provide Postal Consulting & Training

Our commitment exclusively to postal optimization makes us an expert resource regarding postal planning and promotions, regulations, and requirements.

This expertise is one of the most valuable services we offer. With a certified Mail Design Professional (MDP) on site, we make sure that our clients get it right the first time, every time.


We understand the importance of mail quality. Incorrect mail design, for example, can cost tens of thousands of dollars in unexpected postage.

Let us put our 100+ years of experience to work for you!


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