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On-Demand Mail Services is the intermediary between parcel shippers and USPS. Our role in the mailing process does not provide shipment scans to the final recipient. 

Who Are We?


On-Demand Mail Services (ODMS) and Expedited Postal Logistics Group (EPLG, Expedited) are transportation and delivery partners for several retailers, e-tailers, and package fulfillment companies within the United States and overseas.  We deliver parcels (created by other mailers) to regional USPS Processing facilities around the country through a ground-based transportation network.  Final delivery is always performed by the USPS.  


Consequently, we have no control over the timing from when an item was ordered and when it gets to one of our facilities.  We also have no way of knowing the contents of any package, where it was ordered from, when it was ordered, or exactly when it will arrive after we have tendered it to USPS. 


Our processes do not provide any scans to the United States Postal Service. Please refer to your originating retailer for delivery expectations, tracking assistance, or any other customer service related issues. 


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