Hurricane Maria

Published: September 27, 2017 / Updated: April 20, 2018

Recovery efforts continue in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands in the wake of Hurricane Maria. The Postal Service has begun providing access to PO Box mail and package pickup services at some of its offices in Puerto Rico. USPS also is providing limited mail handout service in St. John and St. Thomas. Limited handout mail service could begin in St. Croix tomorrow. We continue to resume business at our locations as it becomes safe to do so.

Maria is moving north in the Atlantic and is expected to weaken in the next few days. Although the storm is expected to stay offshore, it’s likely to bring rain and wind to North Carolina coastal areas as well as heavy surf along much of the East Coast.

The United States Postal Service is reporting numerous Post Office closures across the Caribbean.

Logistics partners are reporting that no shipments are being routed or delivered to Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands due to the loss of power throughout the entire island of Puerto Rico as well as extensive damage incurred in both areas.

Information courtesy of the United States Postal Service and The Weather Channel.

[10/2/17 Update]

All incoming mail is available to Puerto Rico. Customers are receiving mail via pick up at Post Offices throughout the island or by limited delivery service by carriers. The following shows where customers can pick up mail or where delivery has resumed.

All incoming mail is available to the Virgin Islands. Customers are receiving mail via pick up at Post Offices throughout the islands.

[10/12/17 Update]

A message from the Postal Service to families and friends of our Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands postal customers:

We want to assure you that we are making every possible effort to connect our customers in the Caribbean with their mail. We are doing everything we can, using every possible means available to us, to get your valuable mail to your loved ones, friends and business partners in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Just like our neighbors and customers across the Caribbean, our post offices on the islands are experiencing a lack of stable Internet service and disruptions to phone services. That means our traditional mail tracking options into and out of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are still not widely available. And that means we are unable to provide our normal levels of package tracking to these destinations. However, we continue to upload real-time scan data as quickly as our access to cellular services is restored.

In addition, extra demand for flights into the Caribbean has resulted in some disruptions to mail transportation by air. To offset this, the Postal Service is now sending additional quantities of mail by cargo ships to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and processing it as quickly as we receive it on the islands. We know this means it may take a little longer for the mail to arrive. And without our usual levels of electronic tracking, we understand you may be concerned about delayed tracking information.

We want you to feel confident about what you send and to assure you that the mail is secure and is moving. We know how important your mail is. And we are doing everything possible to get that mail to your family and friends on the islands as quickly and safely as we can.

Resolved Alerts

Puerto Rico


Arecibo Pueblo, 00612 — Alternate location: Arecibo MPO, 00612.Cappara Heights Station, 00968 — Alternate location: Hato Rey, 00918 (mail and package pickup only) and San Juan MOWS, 00936 (PO Box mail only).Plaza Carolina, 00985 — Alternate location: San Juan AMF, 00985.Atocha, 00733 – Alternate location: Ponce, 00731Toa Alta, 00953 — Alternate location: Toa Baja Pueblo, 00951.


Punta Santiago, 00741


Santa Isabel, 00757 Aguada, 00602




Canovanas, 00729 Caguas, 00725 Carolina, 00983 Arecibo, 00612 Mows, 00936 Plaza Las Americas, 00918 Ponce, 00731 Juncos, 00777


Culebra, 00775. Vieques, 00765.


Cavovanas, 00729 The San Juan P&DC and Catano DMDU Annex are now accepting FAST appointments. The Caribbean District is accepting Priority Mail Express for all ZIP Code ranges: 006-009. Priority Mail Express will have a 2-day service standard with no service guarantee. The suspension of the shipment of live animals to Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands (SCFs 006-009) remains in place. Effective Oct. 6, DDU drops are being accepted in all offices open for retail, mail pickup, and mail delivery services


Caparra Heights, 00968 Plaza Las Americas, 00918

Virgin Islands St. Thomas


Veterans Annex, 00802


Emancipation Gardens, 00802


Veterans Annex, 00802


The following office is open for retail services, mail pickup and delivery.

Havensight is open for retail and PO Box customers in ZIP Code 00802. Charlotte Amalie will provide mail handout service for ZIP Codes 00801, 00803 and 00805 and street addresses ending in 00802. The following office is open for mail pickup and delivery.

East End/Tutu Mall for addresses in ZIP Code 00805.

St. John


Cruz Bay, 00830.

St. Croix


Frederiksted, 00840


USPS has resumed accepting Priority Mail Express service for the following ZIP Codes: 006, 007, 008 and 009 as of 10/2. Priority Mail Express will have a 2 day standard with no service guarantee.

Post Offices were formerly closed until 10/2.

The following offices will now be open for PO Box mail and package pickup services, beginning 10/2:

- Christainsted, 00820. - Downtown, 00820. - Gallows Bay, 00824. - Sunny Isle, 00823. - Kingshill, 00850


1125 N. Perry Street

Pontiac, MI 48340

Additional Locations

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