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We lower postage costs on First Class and USPS Marketing letters of all weights and postage types with hassle-free commingling and presort.  


Commingling & Presort


By processing over 400 million letters annually, ODMS is able to lower postage costs for letters of all postage types, weights, and classes, including First Class and USPS Marketing Mail Standard and Nonprofit. We do this by participating in the United States Postal Service’s Workshare Program, a program that provides significant discounts for preparing mail to strict specifications. 


In addition to postage savings, our hassle-free letter preparation requirements give clients back their time and floor space. We never require clients to presort their mail or provide data prior to pick-up because we believe in simplifying the mailing process, not complicating it.  


We are committed to providing the most expedited delivery times possible on all classes of mail. That is why we never hold client's mail, but instead process and commingle it immediately on the same day of reciept. 

That’s why we are: The Better Way To Mail.

First-Class Letters

We reduce postage costs on First-Class letters and postcards of all postage types with same day processing.


USPS Marketing Mail Letters - Standard & Nonprofit

Our proven processes improve delivery on USPS Marketing Mail letters by pairing five-digit saturation with drop-shipping. These complementary strategies reduce processing times required once mail is deposited to USPS, as well as the time mail is in transit as mail is processed through less postal facilities.


While typical delivery processes without drop-shipping require mail to pass through as many as six postal processing centers, ninety percent of ODMS-delivered mail touches just one or two processing centers.

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