Flat Processing

We save clients time and money beyond postage costs with ODMS Flat Processing for mixed weight flats of all classes and sizes.


Flat Processing 


By processing over two million flats annually, we are able to reduce costs on mixed weight flats of all classes, including First Class, Standard, Nonprofit, and Bound Printed Matter.


We do this by combining multiple mixed weight mail streams from multiple clients into a single manifested mailing. Preparing mail to strict ZIP Code requirements allows us to receive a postage discount through the United States Postal Service’s Workshare Program.


This also enables ODMS to drop-ship processed flats to the post office that is closest to the mail’s final destination. While typical delivery processes without drop shipping require mail to pass through as many as six postal processing centers, ninety percent of ODMS-delivered mail touches just one or two processing centers.​

Saving Time and Money Beyond Postage 

Our proven processes also save clients money on their flats by:

  • reducing labor costs by eliminating their need to process, bundle, sack, and stack flats.

  • eliminating their need for expensive sorting software.

  • providing in-house transportation, including pick-up and destination delivery - free of charge. 

  • providing postal consultation to avoid costly mail piece design errors.

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