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We are in the business of lowering postage costs while reducing in-home delivery times across all USPS products. Because we process over 500 million pieces per year, we are able to negotiate the best rates, worldwide.


The Better Way To Mail

Our hassle-free postage optimization solutions save clients time and money on their mail.

With over 100 years of postal expertise to call on, On-Demand Mail Services works closely with our customers to help determine the level of service and pricing category that best fits their unique mailing needs. Whether that is a domestic or international Priority, First Class, or Marketing Mail letter, flat, or parcel, ODMS can find the solution for you at decreased costs and reduced delivery times. Because we process mail of all classes and service levels, ODMS eliminates the need for multiple service partners. 


By processing over 500 million pieces of mail a year, ODMS is able to negotiate the most aggressive rates, worldwide.

Still Not Convinced?

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients on numerous projects and, in each case, we have saved them time and money and improved in-home delivery time, even when they thought we couldn't.

Straightforward Pricing

With guaranteed per piece pricing, the price we say is the price you pay. We don't believe in hidden fees or surcharges of any kind. 

One-Stop Service Provider

We eliminate the need for multiple service vendors by processing domestic and international mail of all types and classes.

Simplified Mail Processing

Our in-house pickup, hassle-free preparation requirements, and destination delivery save clients time and guesswork.

Trusted Industry Experts

We are industry leaders and experts who focus solely on postal optimization and never compete with our clients.

If you can mail it, we can help.

We don't specialize in just one type of mail, we specialize in all types of mail.

Letter Processing


We lower costs on First Class and Marketing Mail Standard and Nonprofit letters of all weights and postage types.

Flat Processing


Our flat processing saves clients time and money while eliminating their need to sort, bundle, sack, or stack flats.

Parcel Processing


Our parcel processing allows us to reduce postage costs while reducing in-home delivery time on virtually all parcels.

International Mail


We are international mail experts. Our postage-saving International Mail solutions eliminate issues at the border.


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